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Emotional hack when you’re feeling something that gets in the way

There are plenty of emotions that can get in the way of us being the best version of ourselves. Feelings that prevent us from doing something we should do, or compel us to do things we should not do. These … Continue reading

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Tips to become (and appear) more confident

The Success Insider podcast recently had an episode featuring tips on boosting your confidence: They also featured this blog post which shares 10 tips to building confidence: My favorite tip is to get out of your comfort zone by being … Continue reading

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Cogni Chai Tea

Post by Mark Joyner.

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Creative Problem Solving: Think More Abstract

If you’re faced with a problem that you can’t seem to solve, sometimes what you need to do is step back and look at it in a different way. Now you could step closer and look at more details. But for the … Continue reading

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The Downsides of Open Office Spaces

Open Offices do have benefits, but for most workers they aren’t the best work environment. Read this interesting article: Workplace Woes: The ‘Open’ Office Is a Hotbed of Stress several decades of research have confirmed that open-plan offices are generally associated with greater … Continue reading

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Sleeping problems can be a real danger, particularly if it’s the pilot of a Boing 737 who is suffering from them – as a 2010 Air India plane crash demonstrated, which killed all but 8 of the 166 passengers on … Continue reading

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Creativity Post has published an interesting article titled Why Thinking Of Others Improves Your Creativity. Besides perhaps savoring the moment of schadenfreude that comes with locking someone in an imaginary tower, such visualization also yields some insights into how to … Continue reading

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Why You Can’t Move When You Dream: Paralyzing Chemicals

When you’re in a deep, dream-filled sleep there is something interesting that happens: your muscles become paralyzed. That’s why you don’t act out what you dream – that’s why you don’t hit your partner in bed when you’re hitting someone … Continue reading

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Boost Creativity By Rethinking Labels

A scientifically validated creativity technique? That’s what Scientific American recently wrote about, and it’s not a creativity technique that I ever heard about before: To become more inventive, new research suggests, we should start thinking about common items in terms … Continue reading

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One of Worlds Greatest Designers on Discovering Ideas vs. Creating Ideas

Being creative – is that actually about creating or is it about discovering? According to George Lois it’s about discovering.

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