Creativity Post has published an interesting article titled Why Thinking Of Others Improves Your Creativity.

Besides perhaps savoring the moment of schadenfreude that comes with locking someone in an imaginary tower, such visualization also yields some insights into how to our own creativity works. It turns out, we’re more creative when we’re solving the problems of others rather than our own.

Professors Evan Polman and Kyle Emich asked 137 undergraduates the following riddle:

“A prisoner was attempting to escape from a tower. He found a rope in his cell that was half as long enough to permit him to reach the ground safely. He divided the rope in half, tied the two parts together, and escaped. How could he have done this?”

To cut a long story short: when we think of others, we’re more creative than we think of ourselves. This can help you to come up with creative problem solving solutions sometimes.

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